New Beginnings

June 14 - I'm a water snake. Every few years, I shed my skin.  I slough it off and turn into something completely different.  Sometimes I keep pieces of the old me, of course I do. But a lot of times, I experience the birth process over and over again.  It's taken me almost 70 years to see that. And when I change, things are a bit different. 

Sometimes my music takes a back seat, and I dive into my photography. Sometimes I knit sweaters like tomorrow is not coming.  Sometimes I write poetry - reams and reams of it. And sometimes I cook.  But through it all I read everything. So this website is all about this.  Could be the next permutation. Could be I rant about the state of affairs in the world.  You never know.  

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to play my music online. I've done a few live facebook things and didn't think they were quite successful. So i've purchased a little mixer and I have a mic. I'm going to try again. One thing this pandemic has done, is level the playing field in the music business. We're all at home and we're all having to rely on the media platforms to survive. It's quite freeing in a way. I love that. 

We still have to get through this. No matter what, we still have to get through this.