1. Broken Things

From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song…..
When Gord had his stroke, it was very hard to see how our life together would unfold in the coming years. We saw difficulties and challenges and lost sight of the possibility of joy. We focused on the things we couldn’t do rather than the things we could. It took so long to realize that the beauty still existed, just in a different way. With the cancer diagnosis a few years later, it was like a triple whammy. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of light left for us. I came across an article about kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold dust. The original piece is made more unique and beautiful with all its scars outlined in gold. It felt like the perfect thing to describe how I felt about Gord. Who knew it would be one of the most difficult songs I’ve ever written. I knew in my heart that this had to be right. I couldn’t settle, I couldn’t just throw any words into the song, it had to be right. And it came together. Broken Things was the result.


You fell down
And cracked apart
Into a thousand pieces
I picked you up
And did my best
To help you make some sense of it
It was hard for you to see
That you could ever be
More than just a broken thing to me

In those cracked and broken places
I’ll cover you with gold
So the scars that you have
Will shine bright and bold
And the hurt you feel
Will be a story to be told

It will take time
Of that I’m sure
We can’t undo the shatter
You’ll never be
What you once were
That doesn’t really matter
Instead of should have been
And what has come before
You’ll be perfect just the way you are

In those cracked……

They say if it don’t kill you
It can only make you strong
And in this broken vessel
There’ll be beauty in the flaws

In the cracked and broken.......