It’s funny how life can throw you a curve ball when you least expect it and things turn out for the better.  That’s the tune I'm singing these days after living through almost four years of gut - wrenching  life changes. My husband and long-time musical collaborator suffered a stroke on Christmas Day 2014.  What followed was an intense 6 week rehabilitation period for Gord, teaching him how to get back on his feet.  Shortly after that, my dad died in Ontario.  Both events led to a deep rooted sense of cocooning, pulling back into the shell and staying there.  Music took a back seat and some days it felt like it would never come back.  But, with the encouragement of friends and colleagues I began dabbling at the edges once more.  Playing a couple of open mics at Our Coffeehouse, a feature set at the same coffeehouse, writing a couple of new songs and taking a Parks Alive gig playing blues, I felt like I was coming back.  Gord was then diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer and it was like a punch to the gut. I cocooned, I hid and I shed more than a few tears.  What followed was Pieces of Me. This album speaks to the very soul of me, the heartbreak, the anguish, the love and the grief. 

Here is the official part of my bio.....

Five Okanagan Music Awards, countless nominations, Socan Songwriter of the Year, lead writer for the 2005 Centennial Song for the city of Kelowna, two finalist spots in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, numerous honourable mentions and runner-up awards in many international songwriting contests and the only Canadian spot as a finalist in the Kerrville Newfolk Competition in 2011, Jane is no stranger to the musical limelight.   “But it was so hard to keep going.  I wanted to make up for all the lost time I felt I’d wasted so I spent all my energy recording (six CDs), promoting, writing, promoting, performing, some touring, promoting,” says Eamon.  “It was very tiring and a huge amount of time and money. I was so depressed that I wasn’t making a living at doing music and I started to resent it. “  
Taking a break to deal with life helped.  It gave Eamon a sense of perspective and a sense of why she’s here.  “Though Gord can’t play right now, I know that he will eventually be able to in some way.  That keeps me going.  And reconnecting to my songs and my guitar is like learning them all over again.  They’re new, fresh, different.  They mean more.  And that’s good.”

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