1. If You Believe

From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song……
In 2009, I attended a songwriting retreat on Pender Island with Mae Moore. There was an unfinished chapel on the grounds with a piano. I would sit in the building playing the piano when no one was around. This song appeared. I never play it as I don’t own a piano and never expected it would make it to a recording. It’s about belief in a higher power. It’s about surrender. It’s about knowing you’re not alone and it’s okay. Even in the pain, it’s okay.


What is faith is it a comfort for the grieving
A way of leaving a troubled life behind
Is it held in a place considered holy
Or is it only reserved for the kind
The pure of heart, the hallowed saint
The ragged soul that cries in pain

If you believe that faith can move a mountain
There ain’t no mountain high enough
No cross that you can’t bear
If you believe you’re drinking from the fountain
And all the roads lead there
If you believe

For years men have quested for an answer
Seeking blessings they nailed it to the wall
And then they’ve analyzed and taken every measure
To lock that treasure tightly in a vault
They genuflect with false respect
Till there’s nothing left that’s real

If you believe………