From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song…….
Songwriting is a mysterious, often frustrating craft. You can pour your heart into a song and never get it right. You can struggle with words and never find the right ones. Or…you can open the guitar, play a few notes and out it pours in its perfection. Your hand is only the pen. It flows from somewhere else and all you can do is sit back and say thank you. This song took a long time to write. I couldn’t get it and the words stayed stuck on a few verses for many years. And then it came.


Why can’t I write something with meaning
Catch the words, find the drift of the lines in between
I’m so good with the tune and the light hearted phrases
They don’t really show what I mean

I admire the writers and there have been many
Who captured the moment with a beautiful line
And I try to be like them, work hard at my crafting
But I feel like I’m wasting my time

I can sing you a song, tell you a story
When we get to the punch line
You’re laughing with me
I’ll hint at the pain and I’ll sing of the glories
Anything that I let you see

Well what good is being a writer of songs
Full of emotions if I can’t lift the rock
And look underneath at the things that are lurking
Hiding there in the dark

Just once I would like someone to get me
My words and my music, know I’ve something to say
Maybe then I could stop trying to settle
And get to the business of stripping away

I can sing you a song, tell you a story

The problem with truth when I finally find it
Tears start to come and I can’t see the page
So I close the computer and play it for no one
Bottle it up, put the guitar away

But it always comes back
Like a lost penny
Shiny and promising it catches my eye
And I’m well aware cause there have been many
It seems that I can’t say goodbye