From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song……..
I was watching a performer sing about love at a coffeehouse and I started to wonder if he believed what he was saying. He was singing about how much he loved something – like pizza and beer. And I couldn’t understand how we could use ‘to love’ to mean something so mundane as pizza. Then it got me thinking about all the ways we say I love you and don’t really mean love. It means something else. We use it as a tool, something to get something else with. There isn’t another set of words that can convey the idea that we really like something. It’s one of those things that made me pause.


Said too many times
The colour has faded
Like rosary beads worn grey
Whispered in the night
Kissed to the ceiling
Riding an emotional wave
Pulled from the belly
When you’re tongue tied and timid
Scared of what saying it will do
Three little words

Spoken in a rush
To capture the moment
Saying it without any truth
Spoken as a faith
To a higher power
Hoping it will come and save you
Pulled from the mouth
Of a mother who’s watching
Her little babies sleep
Three little words

Words that mean so much
Sometimes so little
Falling like grains of sand
Said with the last breath
Heavy with meaning
Hoping they will understand
Pulled from the heart
Without even speaking
Its the clearest way of all
Three little words
Three little words