1. Pieces of Me

From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song………
My father passed away in February 2015 right before his 91st birthday. I was the only member of my family that wasn’t there at his passing. It weighed heavily. I had a really hard time dealing with Dad’s passing and I couldn’t write about it. I tried. So many times, I tried. All the words seemed so wrong and didn’t do justice to what I wanted to say. My own sense of guilt, my sadness and my belief that I was outside of my family. But on Father’s Day 2018, this song appeared in its entirety. It was one of those special moments where everything made sense and flowed from the ethers to my page. It took another few months before I was able to sing it. Even in the recording I had a hard time singing it and believe it will always make me feel something.


I was your first-born daughter
You had high hopes for me
But I often failed to live up to
What you though I should me
Even when I faltered
You were there to lend a hand
Somehow I knew you’d always find
A way to understand

Sure I made some bad decisions
And my choices were not clear
But you never stopped caring
I was never less than dear
But I wish that I could tell you
When I went my own way
I carried you with me each and every day

There’s so many pieces of me
Wrapped up in the pieces of you
So much that we didn’t say
So many things we never got to do
Like grab a coffee and let the time fly
Lie on our backs and watch the clouds float by

Sometimes I would call you
And you just put down the phone
It’s times like these that made me feel
So terribly alone
But I know when you got older
You had nothing left to say
Now I can tell you that it’s
Finally okay
If the business of life is making memories
You and I have made more than a few
Though I miss you with an aching heart
I am grateful for the time I spent with you

So many pieces……