From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song…….
What can I say about this song. It is such a dark night of the soul. Three days in a hotel room in Kimberley wrestling with every demon that came to call. And believe me, they all did. They came to gloat, and point, and twist my heart every way they could. And I let them. Of course, I tried to push them away, I tried to engage, I tried to be involved. But the song and the words kept drawing me back and demanding my attention. I remember thinking to myself that this is what the soul crying felt like. This is what hurt and hopelessness felt like. But I have to say that I kept at it and it was almost as if the demons said – we’re satisfied and went away. At least for a little while and I came away from that weekend with this song. Folks have called this song the darkest on the CD. I think it has some hope, more than just a little. It speaks to saying I’m okay with giving in to you. The fight is not worth the pain. So have at ‘er and when you’re done, I’ll start again.


I’m gonna dive right in to the bottom of the barrel
Where the dregs are and drink them down
It’s better than swallowing a bitter pill
I’m gonna come up with
A pocket full of empty what ifs as the could have beens
Go marching by waving a flag of victory

Okay you win, I throw in the towel
Give up give in, one point for you
Roll over bend my head back and wait
Putting my throat in view

I’m going to shoot to kill
Cause what is the point of aiming anywhere else
I’m gonna look in to the eyes of every stranger
Who criticized
I’m gonna take a break give up believing that I know what I need
When everything seems to point to something else

I’m gonna lose my cool down here at the bottom
But I’ll crawl till I see daylight
Raise me up till I’m standing vertical
I’m gonna strip away every single layer
Till I’m left with skin and bone
And wait until the next thing grabs my jugular

I’m gonna dive right in to the bottom of the barrel
Where the dregs are and drink them down