1. Stuck

From the recording Pieces of Me

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About this song……..
I started this song in 2009 and couldn’t make sense of it. At that time we were trying to figure out how to make a living playing music. We toured across Canada and it was tough, the toughest thing I’ve ever done. Making minimal money and playing to very small audiences. It was all about trying to be better, to make some choices that would result in a better life. It wasn’t until almost ten years later, that I realized this song was about getting stuck in anything. It didn’t matter the circumstances, it was the feeling that you hoped there was something else, something different, something more exciting. The journey is all about the going, the miles travelled, the edges blurred by the window. It is unsettling to arrive.


Don’t you just want to take a deep breath
Let the air out and feel like you’re not scared to death
Hope the wind on your neck is just somebody
Blowing you kisses

Fear is a thing you can sure live without
No room in your life for more anger and doubt
It’s a pity that what you remember
Is all the near misses

And you watch your life
As it passes
Day after day
Just like the last one

This rushing and pushing is wearing you flat
You find yourself crying at the drop of a hat
And your reason for living is somewhere
Off in the distance

You’re tied to your job like a dog to a chain
And you hope your life is going magically change
You’ll get out of the rat race with so little pain
And resistance

And you watch your life
As it passes
Hoping that today
Ain’t your last one

So you stand on the ledge, you play the last trump
Wonder if you’ve got the courage to jump
But you feel in your stomach the vertigo
Slowly take over

You know there’s an end, but you can’t see it yet
And you wonder how far and how low you will get
Before something significant drags you
From deep under cover