From the recording Caught in Time

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Wonderful tune about travelling through Montana and Wyoming where you can't help but love the big sky.


UNDER THE BIG SKY – By Jane Eamon and Gord Brush 2010

It takes a brave man to live on these plains
John Wayne would have loved this
Endless riding the range
Where mountain men prospectors’
Still work their claims
Under the big sky

Wild horses still run here I guess
Like the ones who rode
For the pony express
But now they’re a tour stop
There to impress
Under the big sky

Under the big sky
Can’t help but feel small
And wonder how we got here at all
When the first things you buy
Are a horse and a plough
And hope you make it somehow

It tests the mettle of a man
How much he can bear
When the snow starts a’drifting
And there’s nothing out here
But red rock canyons
And pronghorn deer
Under the big sky

Under the big sky…..

There’s a rusted old truck
By the side of the road
A marker of sorts
Of the land’s heavy load
And the toll that it takes
When you’re looking for gold
Under the big sky