From the recording Caught in Time

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This song means more to me than any other song I've ever written. It's about letting go and trusting that everything will be all right.


THE DOOR IS OPEN – By Jane Eamon and Gord Brush 2010

I put my life away
In boxes on a shelf
Everything I’d used
To define myself
I said goodbye to friends
And the town that I’d known
Stepped out in the world
And left my comfort zone

When I started on this trip
Didn’t know what I would find
With every mile I stripped
Another layer from my mind
Pulling root up after root
Facing down my fear
Following the signs
Until they brought me here

The door is open
It’s long overdue
The door is open
Time to walk on through

I’m seeing for the first time
I haven’t got it yet
Walking on this high wire
Without a safety net
Every habit I hold on to
Only pulls me down
It’s time to say goodbye
To familiar ground

The door is open….

I’m listening to the voices
Spoken in the wind and rain
Holding me so gently
In the eye of this hurricane
Sometimes I’m gonna stumble
And it’s ok to fall
It’s time to be humble
And accept it all….

The door is open..