From the recording A Different Place

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I wrote this song after an intense conversation about what it was like to be ten years old. I remember putting reins on my bike and pretending I was Dale Evans.


Copyright 2003 By Jane Eamon

I remember when I was ten years old
Days were longer than and nights were never cold
We would walk to the water, to look for pirates’ gold

And I remember how we dived beneath the waves
Ever shell we found a treasure to be saved
And if you were the hero, I was Lois Lane

We had mountains to climb, horses to ride
We had spaceships waiting to take us to the sky
We built castles out of sand, ran to beat the tide

I remember I was always Cowgirl Sue
We’d ride our bikes, like Pegasus we flew
No one could catch us cause we were Little Joe and Sue


And I remember well now that I am old
Those longer days and the hunt for pirates’ gold
All those memories are stories to be told