When I This House

When I built my house with wood
Every timber was crafted
from the basement to the roof
But the first sign of passion it caught fire
Carefully constructed soon became a pyre
When I built my house with wood

When I built my house with stone
It was solid as a rock, a fortress of a home
But the first sign of crisis, it cracked apart
Leaving in its place a vulnerable heart
When I built my house with stone

When I built my house with glass
It was fragile in its beauty, tempered true and fast
But the first sign of trouble cast the stone
I prayed for protection in my light filled home
When I built my house with glass

When I build my house again
I’ll choose stone for the foundation so
It’s solid in on the land
And the timbers straight and true
Will hold in the glass that
Lets the daylight through
When I build my house again
When I build my house again

Pieces of Me

I was your first-born daughter
You had high hopes for me
But I often failed to live up to
What you though I should me
Even when I faltered
You were there to lend a hand
Somehow I knew you’d always find
A way to understand

Sure I made some bad decisions
And my choices were not clear
But you never stopped caring
I was never less than dear
But I wish that I could tell you
When I went my own way
I carried you with me each and every day

There’s so many pieces of me
Wrapped up in the pieces of you
So much that we didn’t say
So many things we never got to do
Like grab a coffee and let the time fly
Lie on our backs and watch the clouds float by

Sometimes I would call you
And you just put down the phone
It’s times like these that made me feel
So terribly alone
But I know when you got older
You had nothing left to say
Now I can tell you that it’s
Finally okay
If the business of life is making memories
You and I have made more than a few
Though I miss you with an aching heart
I am grateful for the time I spent with you

So many pieces……

Three Little Words

Said too many times
The colour has faded
Like rosary beads worn grey
Whispered in the night
Kissed to the ceiling
Riding an emotional wave
Pulled from the belly
When you’re tongue tied and timid
Scared of what saying it will do
Three little words

Spoken in a rush
To capture the moment
Saying it without any truth
Spoken as a faith
To a higher power
Hoping it will come and save you
Pulled from the mouth 
Of a mother who’s watching
Her little babies sleep
Three little words

Words that mean so much
Sometimes so little
Falling like grains of sand
Said with the last breath
Heavy with meaning
Hoping they will understand
Pulled from the heart 
Without even speaking
Its the clearest way of all
Three little words
Three little words

Songwriters Lament

Why can’t I write something with meaning
Catch the words, find the drift of the lines in between
I’m so good with the tune and the light hearted phrases
They don’t really show what I mean

I admire the writers and there have been many
Who captured the moment with a beautiful line
And I try to be like them, work hard at my crafting
But I feel like I’m wasting my time

I can sing you a song, tell you a story
When we get to the punch line
You’re laughing with me
I’ll hint at the pain and I’ll sing of the glories 
Anything that I let you see

Well what good is being a writer of songs
Full of emotions if I can’t lift the rock
And look underneath at the things that are lurking
Hiding there in the dark

Just once I would like someone to get me
My words and my music, know I’ve something to say
Maybe then I could stop trying to settle
And get to the business of stripping away

I can sing you a song, tell you a story

The problem with truth when I finally find it
Tears start to come and I can’t see the page
So I close the computer and play it for no one
Bottle it up, put the guitar away 

But it always comes back
Like a lost penny
Shiny and promising it catches my eye
And I’m well aware cause there have been many
It seems that I can’t say goodbye


Don’t you just want to take a deep breath
Let the air out and feel like you’re not scared to death
Hope the wind on your neck is just somebody
Blowing you kisses

Fear is a thing you can sure live without
No room in your life for more anger and doubt
It’s a pity that what you remember
Is all the near misses

And you watch your life
As it passes
Day after day
Just like the last one 

This rushing and pushing is wearing you flat
You find yourself crying at the drop of a hat
And your reason for living is somewhere
Off in the distance

You’re tied to your job like a dog to a chain
And you hope your life is going magically change
You’ll get out of the rat race with so little pain
And resistance

And you watch your life
As it passes
Hoping that today 
Ain’t your last one

So you stand on the ledge, you play the last trump
Wonder if you’ve got the courage to jump
But you feel in your stomach the vertigo
Slowly take over

You know there’s an end, but you can’t see it yet
And you wonder how far and how low you will get
Before something significant drags you 
From deep under cover

Not Today

I’m not going to tell you that I am okay
I know you can see that I’ve had better days
The tears in my eyes and the lines on my face
All tell a story I’d like to erase
So I’m not going to tell you that I am okay
Not today

I’m not going to tell you that I’m doing fine
You know I’d be lying and wasting your time
I could make up a story of happier days
Tell you my troubles have all gone away
But I’m not going to tell you that I’m doing fine
Not this time

But I’m holding hope that eventually
I’ll see these things more positively
I’ll smile and I’ll tell you
That whatever life brings
I can do this, I’ll get through this

But I’m not going to tell you
Today is that day
Just let me linger and wallow away
I’m tired of chasing the demons and such
I’ll hide undercover when it all gets too much
So I’m not going to tell you that I am okay
Not today