Connecting with Fans

February 29, 2020 

Everyone wants to be loved; maybe artists more than others.  We need that feedback, that visceral moment when our hearts seem to connect. We need to know we are appreciated and that someone gets us. It’s…


Reimagining a CD

January 29, 2019  

Jane Eamon is a veteran singer-songwriter and music community-builder from the B.C. interior.  She has just launched her brand new album, Pieces of Me – hear samples below – and she shares with us some candid…


The "f" Word

March 20, 2019  

People often ask me what I do. When I say I’m a singer-songwriter-musician, they always ask, “What kind of music?”I have to admit I say everything but folk. Blues, gospel, country, pop – everything but folk…


Dealing with Rejection

April 29, 2019  

Rejection is never easy. You don’t expect to be rejected when you start a thing. You think, “I’ve got this” and wait for the results. Even if your intelligent brain tells you, you may fail, I’d…